Fracking: Poster Child For The Corporate Welfare State – The Western News: Opinion

The leftovers from Leftovers: Does Amy Brenneman have the sweetest gig in showbiz? She doesnt need to memorize any lines! Just emote! Liv Tyler has a sister wife quality that I hadnt noticed before her Leftovers stint. Kevin’s bizarre outburst over his missing white shirts was less unsettling than his drinking-while-driving. Not cool, Kevin. Hugot is an unsung character actress, who I love-love-loved in a recurring role as flower-eating oddball Kathy Geiss on 30 Rock.Nows your turn to sound off: What did you think of Gladys? What does doubt have to do with fire?
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Something about eminent domain to build the pipelines, or liability caps for spills, or regulatory approval of unsafe pipelines superseding tort liability for negligence, and ad nauseam. I have another couple of them right here. First, an article in Monthly Review (Lauren Regan, Electronic Communications Surveillance, July/August) describes the revolving door of personnel between federal law enforcement and the oil and gas industrys private goon squads, and how the U.S. government has colluded with private corporations and extractive industries to ratchet up their COINTELPRO-esque tactics upon climate justice activists. The fossil fuel industries like to spin off private security and public relations firms (often staffed by retired federal and state cops) to spy on perfectly legal activist groups, infiltrate and disrupt them, and give intelligence to PR staff who then cook up scary fact sheets to discredit activists to both media and law enforcement. Extractive corporations like TransCanada also give PowerPoint presentations to various levels of law enforcement advocating surveillance and prosecution of activists as terrorists something the cops are all prepared to eat up, what with the proliferation of Fusion Centers looking for stuff to panic over. The other item: According to a study by Katie Keranen of Cornell University, almost all of the 2,500 small earthquakes in Oklahoma in the past five years have been the result of high pressure wastewater injections related to fracking. The change of stress on existing fault lines from the injection of water can trigger them with water travelling along fault lines and causing earthquakes up to 22 miles away. And other states Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Ohio have also seen sharp rises in small earthquakes corresponding to the introduction of fracking there.
More: Fracking: poster child for the corporate welfare state – The Western News: Opinion

Ladies’ Launchpad / Kathy McShane – New Canaan News

You may want to change jobs or consider starting your own company. You love to inspire people: Being your own boss allows you the freedom to inspire people you hire, as well as those with whom you interact every day. It gives you the freedom to develop and share a value system that you have created and believe in. You crave uncertainty: The thought of things always being predictable is boring. You love to take risks and explore new and exciting things. You don’t want to be one of the crowd; you want to stand out. You are not afraid of failure: We all face failures. However, as an entrepreneur, it can sometimes be more painful — financially and emotionally.
Source: Ladies’ Launchpad / Kathy McShane – New Canaan News


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