In Gaza, Idf Ground Operation Takes A Toll | Israel | Jewish Journal

Please enter your Phone Number. Send Thanks! A link has been sent. Done Assailants attack Congo military camp in capital 28 minutes ago Content preferences Done KINSHASA, Congo (AP) A Congolese government spokesman says a group of men armed with machetes has been repelled after trying to attack a military compound in the capital. Spokesman Lambert Mende told The Associated Press on Tuesday afternoon that the situation was in control after reports of heavy gunfire near the Tshatshi military camp in Kinshasa. Mende did not immediately have a toll for anyone killed or wounded in the attack. The military camp is located close to the residence of President Joseph Kabila and the sound of gunfire for about 20 minutes in the area provoked widespread panic.
Source: Assailants attack Congo military camp in capital – Yahoo News

In a poll conducted among Jewish Israelis by right-wing newspaper Israel Hayom on July 20, 80 percent responded that they supported the ground incursion and 71 percent said they would even like to see it expanded. This same fervor was on display at a peace rally on July 19 in central Tel Aviv, where a right-wing crowd showed up to out-shout peaceniks, fly Israeli flags and sing national songs. Right-wing activists showed up to protest a peace rally in Tel Aviv on July 12. Photo by Simone Wilson A 27-year-old student at the counter-protest named Lidor told the Journal: I myself am much more emotional because we are on the ground now. But its the only solution. You wont be able to stop Hamas unless youre on the ground. (He and others at the rally did not wish to give their full names, due to wartime tensions.) The end result on a strategic level, Lidor said, has to be the disarmament and the fall of the reign of terror of Hamas. Amnon Ilan, a lifelong Tel Aviv resident in his early 80s who has served in every Israeli war since the War of Independence, carried a sign directed at Israels leading left-wing party. People of Meretz, your kibbutzim are also under fire, he had written. Dont give backwind to our enemies. These kibbutzim the sleepy green farming communities that line Israels border with Gaza are nobodys idea of a warzone.
Source: In Gaza, IDF ground operation takes a toll | Israel |

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