Here’s How The Westboro Baptist Church Was Duped Into Fundraising For Lgbt – Yahoo News

Please enter your Phone Number. Send Thanks! A link has been sent. Done Heres How the Westboro Baptist Church Was Duped Into Fundraising for LGBT By Hayley Fox | 1 hour ago Content preferences Done A popular band met hateful extremism with generosity recently after a gaggle of perma-protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church showed up at their concert in Kansas City, Missouri, wielding posters that read Repent or Perish and God H8s Fag Marriage. Electro pop-rock band Panic! at the Disco found out about the impending protest beforehand and tweeted this ingenious response to their own 666,000 Twitter followers. When only 13 picketers showed up, Panic decided to up the ante.
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World Bank: Boko Haram Stalls African Aid Projects

In northern Cameroon, a high-poverty area thats vulnerable to natural disasters, a $108 million grant is stagnating instead of rehabilitating embankments, dams and irrigation systems and improving disaster-preparedness. Diop met with Cameroon President Paul Biya to discuss how Boko Haram has created panic and slowed the execution of some World Bank-financed projects. Diop told VOA they talked about economic development and how to increase the conditions of peace and stability and try also to see how we can strengthen all the social protection programs to alleviate poverty. Governor complains Midjiyawa Bakari governs a far northern region of Cameroon, where World Bank grants aim to restore rice production and provide food and income for the areas 3 million-plus residents. But he told VOA the projects had suffered because most beneficiaries and aid workers are leaving, fearing the violent Islamist group and its regular assaults on villages. The governor said its time to address the insecurity in north Cameroon. He adds that residents have found weapons buried in some towns and are investigating their origins. Such situations scare people from working in the north, he concludes.
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DRC Troops Repel Attack on Kinshasa Military Base

In an interview with VOA’s French to Africa Service, government spokesman Lambert Mende said a “small band” of attackers tried to enter Camp Tshatshi in Kinshasa but were stopped. He said authorities have not yet determined whether the attackers were “terrorists or thieves.” A written message on DRC state television told viewers there was “no need to panic.” Mende said troops were patrolling the city to reassure citizens. Gunmen loyal to an evangelical Christian pastor who is opposed to President Joseph Kabila assaulted the same base and briefly captured the state TV station in December of last year. The government said more than 100 people were killed as its forces repelled those attacks. Political tension has been rising in the DRC amid speculation that President Kabila may try to change the constitution and run for a third term in 2016.
Source: DRC Troops Repel Attack on Kinshasa Military Base


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