Op-ed: Why The Gay Panic Defense Must Go | Advocate.com

A third contact will result in a summons for a court appearance, and the person would be subject to arrest, fine or jail. BART started the program at Powell, Jennings said, because it has the biggest problem. It plans to extend the program to other stations, including Civic Center and Montgomery next, but Jennings did not say when. BART police began enforcing the ordinance early Monday and approached 17 people, Jennings said. One was arrested for outstanding warrants, but the rest complied. Entrances to the Powell Street Station and the long hallway on the eastern end are often lined with people sleeping or sitting with legs stretched out.
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World Bank: Boko Haram Stalls African Aid Projects

In 2013 my organization, the LGBT Bar, introduced a resolution at the annual meeting of the American Bar Association, calling on states to outlaw the use of this reprehensible defense. The delegates of the ABA who represent every red and blue corner of the country and every judicial philosophy from Scalia to Ginsburg approved our resolution without dissent. Legal professionals, regardless of their ideological leanings, understand it is never acceptable to defend violence based on who a victim is. Yet only California is moving toward passing legislation outlawing this so-called defense; a bill has passed the Assembly and awaits action in the Senate. And while thats an important start, there is real violence happening to real people in the other 49 states of our union. Earlier this month, a relative of the suspect in the shooting of Tiffany Edwards, a transgender woman in Cincinnati, told local media that the accused perpetrator in Edwardss attack gets an attitude about gay or trans people trying to hit on him. The message was clear: The shooter thought it was perfectly fine to fire a gun at someone because he didnt like her gender identity. Exactly one month earlier, in Atlanta, two men violently attacked two transgender women on Atlantas public transit system. One of the attackers, Luther L.
More: Op-ed: Why The Gay Panic Defense Must Go | Advocate.com

In northern Cameroon, a high-poverty area thats vulnerable to natural disasters, a $108 million grant is stagnating instead of rehabilitating embankments, dams and irrigation systems and improving disaster-preparedness. Diop met with Cameroon President Paul Biya to discuss how Boko Haram has created panic and slowed the execution of some World Bank-financed projects. Diop told VOA they talked about economic development and how to increase the conditions of peace and stability and try also to see how we can strengthen all the social protection programs to alleviate poverty. Governor complains Midjiyawa Bakari governs a far northern region of Cameroon, where World Bank grants aim to restore rice production and provide food and income for the areas 3 million-plus residents. But he told VOA the projects had suffered because most beneficiaries and aid workers are leaving, fearing the violent Islamist group and its regular assaults on villages. The governor said its time to address the insecurity in north Cameroon. He adds that residents have found weapons buried in some towns and are investigating their origins. Such situations scare people from working in the north, he concludes. Investors and foreign workers also are leaving far northern Cameroon. Chinese road construction engineers left Mora, on the border with Nigeria, after suspected Boko Haram members kidnapped 10 of their workers in May.
Source: World Bank: Boko Haram Stalls African Aid Projects


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