It’s Simple Really Says Mcilroy, Just Process And Spot – Yahoo News

Didn’t quite need to, thankfully.” McIlroy was simply unflappable and the only person at Royal Liverpool who managed to get under his skin was not a rival player but a fan whose heckling finally provoked a reaction on the 16th tee. “He was giving me grief all day, actually,” the mild-mannered McIlroy said. “I sort of put it up for the first 15 holes, and then he deliberately coughed on my downswing on the 16th. I turned around and got him chucked out.” Apart from that it was a stress-free day for McIlroy whose fortunes have revived in spectacular style after a 2013 in which he won no tournaments, missed the cut at Muirfield and generally did not look like a man enjoying his profession. A year after admitting he felt “lost” the talk now is of how many more majors he will win and when, not if, he will complete his major collection by winning the Masters at Augusta. “I never had doubts (I would be back),” he said. “Definitely missing the cut at Muirfield last year was a very low point. I never missed a cut at the Open before.
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Israel is under siege by a terrorist organization that has seen fit to dig tunnels and come through those tunnels with handcuffs and tranquilizer drugs, prepared to try to capture Israeli citizens and take them back to hold them hostage. No country could sit by and not take steps to try to deal with people who are sending thousands of rockets your way, Kerry said. No country, no human being, is comfortable with children being killed, with people being killed, but were not comfortable with Israeli soldiers being killed either or with people being rocketed in Israel. Hamas uses civilians as shields, he said. They fire from a home and draw the fire into the home. Separately, Kerry was caught on an open mic, appearing to criticize Israeli assurances that its ground offensive in Gaza would be limited. His comments occurred between multiple television interviews. He was heard in a phone conversation with a State Department deputy, Jonathan Finer, discussing the deaths of Israeli soldiers killed overnight. I hope they dont think thats an invitation to go do more, Kerry said in the unguarded moment.
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Gaza battle’s deadliest day for both sides |

An affidavit states the teenager has a mental or physical condition that would impair his ability to respond and that the defendant likely would have known this. Mr. Elmer, who was a patient at the hospital while the boy was visiting, is charged with gross-sexual imposition, vandalism, and inducing panic. Police allege the suspect kicked out a hospital window in an attempt to flee from police. His bond was set at $100,000. Guidelines: Please keep your comments smart and civil. Don’t attack other readers personally, and keep your language decent.
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