Gaza Battle’s Deadliest Day For Both Sides |

She was taken to the hospital in Rosebud, then air lifted to Rapid City Regional Hospital. Rachel is now being cared for at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, Neb. She is comatose and has a tracheotomy to help her breathe; she is being fed through a feeding tube. “Every day since that day, Rachel has been fighting for her life,” said Rachel’s sister-in-lawMichele Eagleman. Since that day in May, her mother, Norma Sorace, has been taking care of Rachel’s four children. She also cares for the two children of another daughter who was killed in a wreck two years ago. Money is tight for the family and food is scarce. Norma Sorace has not been able to travel to see her daughter in Nebraska due to a lack of funds and a van that is in dire need of repair. Eagleman has set up an online fundraising account to help Norma Sorace care for her grandchildren.
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Bodies lay in streets beside gashes blasted into apartment buildings, said people who had escaped the violence. Overnight, Hamas fired rockets from Shajaia toward Israel. For three days, the IDF had warned residents of Shajaia to flee, Israel said. Such warnings are delivered through calls and text messages as well as fliers that said it is the intention of the IDF to carry out aerial strikes against terror sites and operatives in the area. The fliers told people to head to Gaza City by Wednesday morning and not to return until further notice. The IDF posted an English translation of the fliers Sunday on Twitter. Some residents said they received the warnings but felt that even if they fled, they could face the same dangers in other parts of Gaza.
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KETK NBC: Hamas claims it’s captured an Israeli soldier

They’re committed to this mission,” he said. Though, in the future, Francona said, the Israelis are “going to have to make some sort of accommodation to get this guy back.” In 2006, Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was captured. He was released some five years later in exchange for more than a thousand Palestinian prisoners. Gaza battle’s deadliest day for both sides Eighty-seven Palestinians died, at least 60 of them in Israel’s assault on the town of Shaja’ia, the Gaza Health Ministry said. The Israel Defense Forces said 13 soldiers were killed. At a news conference, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed the country’s “deep pain” at the loss of the soldiers.
Source: KETK NBC: Hamas claims it’s captured an Israeli soldier


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