Israelis In Central Heartland Face New Fears As They Adjust To Life Under Rocket Threat | Fox News

(“Purging is wrong!” she cries.) Rounding out the group, hipster couple Shane (Zach Gilford) and Liz (Kiele Sanchez) wander alongside with less compelling results. Character development is not this franchise’s strongest suit, but at least its main survivors harbor real concerns. At its worst, “The Purge: Anarchy” stumbles through a vignette-like structure involving numerous shadowy gunfights and underwhelming showdowns, with the badass Sergeant leading the charge every step of the way. But the movie’s potential blossoms whenever it toys with the allegorical ingredients head-on. DeMonaco’s script plays like a devious Brothers Grimm tale told through the filter of Occupy Wall Street. Tidbits include the shocking sight of a corrupt stockbroker hanging from the building where he worked (“maybe he deserved it,” one character sighs) to a government conspiracy involving the mass slaughter of poor citizens to keep the nation’s imbalance of wealth in check. And it allows for serious payoff in the form of a renegade group designed to protect lower class citizens, headed by a militant Michael K. Williams.
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Iraqi parliament breaks deadlock to elect speaker, in first step toward forming new government | Fox News

“It’s not scary because nothing terrible has happened yet but it’s something you can’t get used to. It’s crazy.” In Gaza, Israeli strikes have left a trail of devastation, with more than 200 people dead in just over a week of fighting a quarter of them children, according to the United Nations. Southern Israel has experience with the dangers too, battered for years by militant fire from Gaza that has caused deaths and frequently sends residents rushing for safety. But in central Israel, residents have long cultivated a sense of distance from the region’s conflicts and their main concern now appears to be that it not be shattered. Residents are struggling to decide whether to carry on with their routines or take emergency precautions, whether to keep up with the nonstop TV coverage of the fighting or tune out entirely for their own sanity. Parents are debating whether to rush their children to shelters at the sound of each siren or take their chances but not convey panic.
Read More: Israelis in central heartland face new fears as they adjust to life under rocket threat | Fox News

A second explosion then struck as pro-government militia members rushed to the scene to help those hit by the first blast. The police official said five militiamen and four soldiers were killed, while seven others were wounded. A medical official confirmed the figures. Another roadside bomb killed four soldiers, including two officers, during a patrol in the town of Youssifiyah, located 15 miles south of the capital, a police officer said. Four other soldiers were wounded in the attack, he added. A medical official confirmed the casualty figures.
Read More: Iraqi parliament breaks deadlock to elect speaker, in first step toward forming new government | Fox News


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