Playwright E.m. Lewis Hopes ‘gunshow’ Sparks Serious Conversation | The Doings Western Springs

Its taken her that long to write about the event, sculpting the sorrow and the shock into the final, harrowing scene in The Gun Show, opening Thursday at Berwyns 16th Street theatre. The Gun Show is an ugly story, asserts the narrator/Lewis alter-ego at the center of the one-person show, a complicated, messy, violent work. You could add compelling, provocative, and unexpected to that roster of adjectives. Based on five gun-related events in Lewis life, The Gun Show is neither pro- or anti-gun. Instead, Lewis uses her own alternately tragic, funny and life-changing experiences with guns to step outside the polarized ends of the gun control debate. The whole conversation about guns and gun control seems to be between the granola-eating, Whole Foods-shopping, Rachel Maddow-listening, liberal pinko lefties and the gin-toting, plain-voting, red-white-and-boo yah conservative card-carrying NRA members, Lewis says from the rural Portland, Ore., farm thats been in her family for generations. Its as if theres nobody in between who has mixed feelings about the whole thing. Lewis has profoundly mixed feelings about guns, views shaped by the five stories her narrator tells in The Gun Show. We all want the same thing to be safe, she says.
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Russia: Plan B In Ukraine

The communist Soviet government spent a lot of time, money and effort on educating children to be pro-Soviet. It didnt work then and is unlikely to work now. But this is the direction current Russian rulers want to take the country in. July 2, 2014: Three Russian Mi-28N helicopter gunships arrived in Iraq, delivered broken down in air transports. This is part of an Iraqi order for fifteen Mi-28Ns that is being accelerated. This speed is in the best interests of the manufacturer as well as Iraq as the Mi-28Ns would be immediately sent into combat against Islamic terrorists in northern and western Iraq.
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