Swimmer Bitten By Great White Shark Haunted By Accident: “i Thought ‘oh, My God, This Is It, I’m Gonna Die” | Fox6now.com

I hope I do someday, but its off the table right now. He spent a restless night Saturday, waking up from nightmares, he said. The aftermath of the attack was recorded on cell phone video by someone on the beach who was alerted by the screaming. CNN affiliate KTLA posted the video on its website. It shows a group of swimmers frantically trying to reach shore with the victim screaming loudly from the water and people on the pier urging him to hurry, yelling that the shark was still close by. Manhattan Beach Pier has been closed until Tuesday, police said in a news release. There are plenty of great white sharks in the Southern California surf, but they pose no danger to beachgoers, according to Randy Hamilton, a shark expert with Californias Monterey Bay Aquarium. I just go back to the last 50 years on how many great white sharks have actually caused a death in Southern California, Hamilton said in a CNN interview in December. I only know of one incident where someone got a nip on the foot. The great whites around Southern California are juveniles, also known as young of the year. At less than 18 months old, they only eat fish, Hamilton said.
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Judge dismisses bomb scare lawsuit » Knoxville News Sentinel

District Judge Pamela Reeves has tossed out a civil rights lawsuit filed by veteran Robert Steven Roberts and his wife, Rethia Marie Roberts, against Walmart and the Maryville Police Department. The incident leading to the lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court, began in September 2011 when the Robertses went to a Maryville Walmart after a visit to a Veterans Affairs facility in Knoxville for treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. At some point, a Walmart employee asked Robert Roberts if he needed any help. The employee understood Mr. Roberts to say, No, Im just walking around with a bomb somewhere, Reeves wrote. Roberts then walked away, the opinion stated.
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‘Teen Wolf’ season 4, episode 3 recap: Final notice

Lydia calls Scott in a panic, telling him he has to find Shawn. When Mama McCall goes into his room, she finds Shawn eating the officer that was stationed outside his room. Shawn attacks Melissa, but Scott comes to the rescue. Unfortunately, Liam is right in the middle of the action and gets taken by Shawn. Scott finds them on the roof and tries to get Shawn to stop what hes doing. We find out Shawn is a Wendigo, and as he tries to attack Liam, Scott stops him, though Liam goes over the side of the roof.
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