Israel Foils Seaborne Attack From Gaza Strip – Quincy Herald-whig | Illinois & Missouri News, Sports

One barrage set off air-raid sirens in Tel Aviv, some 45 miles (70 kilometers) away, signaling the deepest strike yet. The army said the rocket was intercepted and shot down. The siren set off panic in Tel Aviv, the country’s commercial capital, as people scurried for cover in nearby buildings. Israel’s military said it targeted the homes of several Hamas operatives allegedly involved in rocket fire, militant compounds and concealed rocket launchers. Later, it also took out what it said was a Hamas command center embedded within a civilian building. Palestinian medical official Ashraf al-Qidra reported at least 15 people dead, including at least five civilians. Among the dead were six people, including two children, killed in an airstrike that flattened the concrete home of a Hamas leader in the southern town of Khan Younis, Hamas officials said. The blast set off a scene of panic as crowds of people, some of them bloodied, fled the smoldering remains.
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Shark bite victim describes moments up close with a great white shark |

Robles said he was in a “complete state of panic” when he came face to face with the 7-foot shark, but “pure instinct” kicked in. “I saw this shark eye to eye, staring at me as it was crunching into my chest.” He grabbed its nose and pried it away from his chest, he said. The shark, which a fire official said was a juvenile great white, immediately swam away and did not return, Robles said. The great white was apparently agitated after struggling for its life for the previous half hour before the attack on Robles. A fisherman who used chum to attract sharks to the pier had cut it loose after hooking it but failing to land it, Robles said. Marine biologist Eric Martin told CNN affiliate KABC that it likely was a “response bite” by the juvenile shark and “the swimmer just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.” “I thought ‘Oh, my God, this is it, I’m gonna die,” Robles said.
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Nightmares haunt swimmer bitten by shark | National News – WGAL Home

CNN affiliate KTLA posted the video on its website. It shows a group of swimmers frantically trying to reach shore with the victim screaming loudly from the water and people on the pier urging him to hurry, yelling that the shark was still close by. Manhattan Beach Pier has been closed until Tuesday, police said in a news release. There are plenty of great white sharks in the Southern California surf, but they pose no danger to beachgoers, according to Randy Hamilton, a shark expert with Californias Monterey Bay Aquarium. I just go back to the last 50 years on how many great white sharks have actually caused a death in Southern California, Hamilton said in a CNN interview in December. I only know of one incident where someone got a nip on the foot. The great whites around Southern California are juveniles, also known as young of the year. At less than 18 months old, they only eat fish, Hamilton said. When the sharks approach adulthood, they relocate to the cooler waters near San Francisco, where they change their diets to mammals sea lions and seals, he said. Shark attacks are still pretty rare, but they have increased at a steady rate since 1900, with each decade having more attacks then the previous, according to statistics from the International Shark Attack File based in Gainesville, Florida.
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