Journal Online – Mass ‘panic Attack’ In Japan

Panic attacks and anxiety to be explored at Lifetree › Medicine Hat News

According to Yanagawa High School, a private school in the city of Yanagawa, a first-year student suddenly shrieked in the middle of a class and fell down at about 10 a.m. Two other students in the class fell into a similar state soon afterward, followed by students from other classes who came to check on the incident. Some of the students turned pale, though the exact cause of their sickness was not known. The school let the 26 students go home and canceled all classes later in the day. It remained closed on Tuesday as well, an official said. We dont know why such an incident happened, but we need to take good care of the students. Ill talk to them more to find out what happened, said Vice Principal Shigemitsu Mori.
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Panic Disorder: Causes There may be a genetic basis to panic disorder that makes people prone to frequent panic attacks. Almost anything can trigger a panic attack. Severe, extreme fear or terror can strike at home, work, and even during sleep. Quite often, people with anxiety disorder often become so afraid of having a panic attack that they develop agoraphobia , another anxiety disorder that makes them afraid to leave their homes. Panic Disorder: Diagnosis and Treatment Panic disorder is diagnosed through a full physical and psychiatric evaluation. Other health conditions and problems like substance abuse have to be ruled out before a panic disorder diagnosis can be made. Treatment for panic disorder typically involves a combination approach of medications, usually antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs , and therapy. People with panic disorder can work with a psychiatrist or therapist to talk about their fears and anxieties, determine which fears are realistic and which are unrealistic, and find ways of coping with their anxiety and frightening situations.
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Panic Disorder and Anxiety –

Medicine Hat News Healthy ways to cope with anxiety and panic attackswill be discussedat Lifetree Cafeon July 9 at 7 p.m. The program, titled When Anxiety Strikes: Compassion, Peace, and Understanding, features filmed interviews with psychologist Kelly Breen Boyce and with Cheryl Eresman, who describes her experiences with panic attacks. When you have a panic attack, you think youre dying, says Eresman. People who have never had one have no idea what its like. Lifetree participants will gain greater understanding and get practical tools for dealing with anxiety and panic. Admission to the 60-minute event is free. Lifetree Cafe is located at 3785 13th Avenue S.E.
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