Sentinel Audio Chat: Healing Fear, Panic Attacks, And Anxiety – Rockland – Camden – Knox – Courier-gazette – Camden Herald

Do youjust have to live with anxiety, panic and fear or is there something you can do about it? Christ Jesus often said to people in need, Fear not,and then proceeded to heal the condition that brought them so much fear. Fear can sometimes feel like a hugeobstacle in our life with no way out. Yet, there is a way out through turning to God in prayer. Join Christian Science practitioner Doug Sytsma as he answers questions in a live chat on this topic. He will show how understanding the laws of God is the spiritual basis for overcoming fear and anxiety in our lives and brings comfort and healing. About Douglas Sytsma: Douglas Sytsma graduated from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, with a bachelor of science degree in chemistry.
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Day two?: Panic grips Karachi after firing dubbed an ‘attack’ – The Express Tribune

The firing incident occurred a distance away from the ASF camp. I think, they (militants) wont have the courage now to attack again as we have already been given them a good example of our strength by killing their all men [on Monday]. However, the electronic media termed it another attack in the airport premises, claiming that there had been a breach. It was blamed for creating most of the panic. The media should avoid using the word attack, said ASF DG Azam Tiwana in a joint briefing with Karachi police chief Ghulam Qadir Thebo and Rangers sector commander Colonel Javed. The airport is completely secured and law-enforcement agencies have the capability to respond. Inside job? Meanwhile, investigators probing Mondays brazen attack on the Karachi airports old terminal have included the possibilities of internal ASF involvement and airport staff. Agencies have started reviewing the record of staffers cell phones and keeping an eye on their movement, officials told The Express Tribune. In the majority of the major attacks, including PNS Base Mehran, General Headquarters (GHQ) in Rawalpindi, and PAF Base Minhas, Kamra, investigations showed internal involvement and arrests were made.
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How to end an anxiety attack

You must delete all negative thoughts during such times. Have controlled breathing as this helps you to calm. The coldness of the iron grill of a subway often sends shiver down our spine, the sudden fear of something quite unknown in the middle of a great crowd is almost bizarre. But that is panic, that is anxiety, and you are being eaten by it bit by bit. A panic or anxiety is a condition wherein adrenaline gets released into your bloodstream and a message of fear sends a signal to the adrenal glands that says there is an emergency. Your adrenal glands are pea-sized organs which sit on top of your kidneys and they are filled with adrenaline which when released into your body gives you a kick.
Source: How to end an anxiety attack


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