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Unfortunately, misconceptions about mental illnesses like anxiety disorders still exist. Because many people believe mental illness is a sign of personal weakness, the condition is often trivialized and is left untreated. The good news is that effective treatments are available for anxiety disorders. Back to the quiz 6. e. All of the above.
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Unfortunately an impending attack is difficult to predict. The unpredictability factor is what causes damage in affected people. The cause for panic attack can be traced to unexplained fear. Recognizing Panic Attacks The first step to treating the disorder is in recognizing the symptoms and understanding that medication alone is not an effective route. The condition originates in the mind and therefore a more effective tool is in understanding the underlying causes behind it. Yet another factor you should take into consideration is that attacks can happen anywhere at home, at workplace or even while you are traveling.
More: 60 Second Panic Solution for Panic Attack Victims – National health | Examiner.com

Keeping this in mind, the ASF and other agencies have started tracking staffers cell phones and movement. While the inquiry into the incident is in progress, intelligence agencies are keeping a close watch to sniff out the bad eggs, confirmed an ASF senior intelligence official. It is not necessary that the militants attacked the airport with internal support but we cannot rule it out just yet. On the other hand, police officials also believe that the militants carried out the attack with internal involvement. They knew the airport very well. They knew about the overall security situation. They were even aware of the easiest ways to access the runway. But the question is how?
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