Best Backdrop To Panic Attack?

A sudden fear grips you, and you begin to feel strange physical symptoms and sensations of doom and worry. Is this a panic attack? Sudden, overwhelming fear: That’s panic in a nutshell. You may have felt that kind of sudden, overwhelming fear in terrifying situations – like when you’re forced to slam on the brakes to narrowly miss a car speeding through a red light or when a large dog lunges at you with teeth bared. But a panic attack can happen at moments that have nothing to do with terror – like in the midst of a deep sleep or a dull meeting or while in a class or stuck in traffic or in line at the grocery store. And you don’t have to have a diagnosed panic disorder to experience a panic attack. Panic attacks come on suddenly and unpredictably, and often peak after about 10 to 20 minutes mark.
Source: Panic attack symptoms: Am I having a panic attack? – Mental Health – C-Health

Yesterday’s felt bigger and nearly involved me throwing my phone against the wall and DID involve me throwing most of my clothes into the kitchen and walking around without pants for the evening. Therapist asked if I could listen to music. I said yes, because there are three stages with a 3 block radius of me because I live in the middle of Andersonville’s Midsommerfest!!! It’s physically not possible for me to get away from people or sound. And if I weren’t so miserable at night, I’d want to be out there having fun. Mornings are still good.
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Coping with Panic Images – Panic Disorder – Anxiety

For example, if the panic event occurs while they are driving they may see pictures of themselves careering out of control, or lying dead in a pool of blood. Many panic attack victims are convinced they are having a heart attack. In their imagination they see their heart struggling to cope, perhaps going into spasm or bursting under the strain of their increased heart rate. Typically we can listen to distressing news stories with relative ease, but seeing related images are much more graphic and affect us at a much deeper and more visceral level. Whether your image is one of fainting or something more extreme the fact remains these can be deeply disturbing and uncomfortable sensations. Control over the power of such images begins by unpicking and understanding what is happening. These images reflect your worst fears and while they can be extremely frightening they are not in any way real.
More: Coping with Panic Images – Panic Disorder – Anxiety


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