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When attacks are minor and lasts for short durations, they may not cause much harm. But it is always prudent to take notice of them and seek a remedy as soon as possible. Panic attacks dont remain mild all time; sooner or later they could become serious enough to interfere with your personality and your lifestyle. If left untreated, panic attacks could lead to panic disorder which is known to affect both sexes and people of all races and age groups. Unfortunately an impending attack is difficult to predict. The unpredictability factor is what causes damage in affected people. The cause for panic attack can be traced to unexplained fear.
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CDT, May 25, 2014 We are a local support group that was founded in 2009. This group was formed to help people know that they are not alone and to offer support. Anyone who is dealing with panic attacks, anxiety attacks, or social phobia, is welcome to attend this support group. We meet every second and fourth Thursday of the month from 7-9pm. Please visit Meetup.com to R.S.V.P. MEETUP>COM chi-ugc-article-panic-attack-support-group-of-bolingbrook-6-2014-05-27 The Chicago Tribune welcomes civil dialogue; you must register to participate. We filter comments for adherence to our Terms of Service , but not for accuracy. By commenting, you agree to these legal terms .
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Panic attacks a reality?

The only option that appears is to live feeling this overwhelming pain every moment. Typing that, I know it isn’t true so I mean that it’s difficult to tolerate these feelings for a long time, which seems to be the only option. Husband once said he was surprised how mean my brain/I am to myself. Most of it is kept inside but for certain occasions, I can’t help but be overwhelmed. Right now with cancer cat, living a part from Husband, money concerns, and other negative thoughts about myself- I just can’t stand it. How do you cope with panic attacks or anxiety? Or what’s a cool picture of an animal you’ve seen today?
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