Panic Attacks A Reality?

In Sept. 2011, she represented the United States in the Miss Universe 2011 pagean… (Nov 26) 5 Movies to Inspire People with Mental Disorder By IBTimes AU October 10 is celebrated as the World Mental Health Day. Here are 5 inspirational movies for the occasion. (Oct 10) Afraid of Flying, Hypnotised Schoolboy Finally Home in UK By IBTimes AU They want him back home, and the family of Joe Thompson, a 12-year old British schoolboy who has a strong fear of flying, would do anything to pluck him out of Abu Dhabi. The final straw was applying hypnotherapy. (Oct 08) 5 Worst School Massacres Based on Lives Lost, Connecticut Massacre 4th on the List (VIDEOS) By IBTimes AU While parents, the academic community and people in general continued to be shocked by the Connecticut school massacre over the weekend, which resulted in the death of more than 20 schoolchildren, it was not the worst in history. (Dec 17, 2012) Olivia Munn Has Anxiety Disorder Trichotillomania: ‘I Rip Out My Eyelashes’ By IBTimes Actress Olivia Munn has went public announced that she has a rare anxiety disorder called trichotillomania during an interview with The New York Daily News.
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I can feel it. The only option that appears is to live feeling this overwhelming pain every moment. Typing that, I know it isn’t true so I mean that it’s difficult to tolerate these feelings for a long time, which seems to be the only option. Husband once said he was surprised how mean my brain/I am to myself. Most of it is kept inside but for certain occasions, I can’t help but be overwhelmed. Right now with cancer cat, living a part from Husband, money concerns, and other negative thoughts about myself- I just can’t stand it.
Source: Panic attacks a reality?


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