What Are The Symptoms Of A Severe Panic Attack? | Livestrong.com

Last Updated: Mar 23, 2010 | By Rae Uddin You can develop heart and lung-related symptoms during a severe panic attack. Photo Credit stethoscope image by Adam Borkowski from Fotolia.com If you experience the sudden onset of intense fear or anxiety, you may be having a panic attack. The symptoms of a severe panic attack can mimic those of a heart attack, which may worsen anxiety or fear in some patients. Recurrent symptoms of a severe panic attack may indicate that you have a chronic anxiety disorder, called panic disorder. Discuss the symptoms of a severe panic attack with your doctor to ensure you receive appropriate treatment and care. Heart Rate Abnormalities A panic attack can induce a flight-or-fight response within your body, causing the release of a variety of stimulatory chemicals throughout your blood.
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Nobody understood what was wrong with me. I was prescribed all kinds of pills that made me feel even worse. I sunk into a depression born of hopelessness. During those seven years, she determined to do something about her condition. She enrolled in college to get a doctorate in psychology. Dr. Ruth has since become a widely respected drug-free anxiety treatment and care specialist.
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