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This study also showed that significant panic attacks are more common in women with migraines, as well as those with cardiovascular disease and depression. Recent research has shown an association between panic attacks in older women and heart disease and stroke. This study looked at 3,300 women, 10 percent of whom had panic attacks. These women had three times the risk of having a stroke or heart attack than women who didnt have panic attacks. Some research looking at the causes of panic attacks is focused on serotonin, a natural chemical in the brain that helps send messages between brain cells and maintain mental balance. One such study is looking at serotonins role in the fight or flight response to life events. Panic: Why You May Be at Risk Factors that may play a role in panic disorder or make you more likely to develop it include: Your environment. Having traumatic events or being abused early in life may raise your risk of panic disorder.
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Panic Attack Humor: ‘My Panic Attack is Having a Panic Attack’ | Panic About Anxiety — A blog about panic attacks, panic disorder, and anxiety.

It sure can. Now, because of that SNL skit, I call these post-panic aftershocks panic-anic attacks. Sure, Ive altered the meaning slightly, but so what? I enjoy concocting new ways to describe my panic symptoms. So, when my panic attacks produce secondary panic attacks, I: recognize them for what they are a secondary aftershock type of panic attack think of the silly phrase panic-anic attack that describes them think of Penelope tugging her hair and creepily popping in via the nearest door laugh, or at least crack a smile while I try to let the attack pass I find a lot of therapeutic value in humor. But Penelope finds even more therapeutic value in humor, Im sure. If you get panic attacks, how often does a panic-anic attack make a subsequent appearance? Do they appear within the hour? The same day? The next day? Do you find that reaching a certain panic-free milestone (say, one week without an attack) decreases the likelihood that youll have a panic attack soon? photo credit: Micah Taylor Summer Beretsky enjoys writing about her experiences with anxiety, panic, and Paxil. She had her first panic attack as an undergrad at Lycoming College and plenty more while she worked toward her M.A.
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