Dom Joly On Anxiety Attacks: Trigger Happy Tv Star Says They Almost Cost Him His Big Break – Dom Joly – Irish Mirror Online

Suddenly, bang! I would get an attack and I wouldnt be able to function for several weeks. I found exercise helped to alleviate symptoms playing hours of tennis really worked. Then I got my break in 2000 with Trigger Happy TV. It was a huge opportunity for me, but I remember it very clearly in another way. I had a really bad anxiety attack in the middle of a shoot and we had to cancel it.
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Oscar Pistorius has anxiety disorder, defense psychiatrist says during murder trial – CBS News

Treatment While some people with very limited triggers can manage to avoid certain situations, those with frequent, full-fledged panic attacks can become very disabled by their condition. [ Related: To Stave Off Panic, Don’t Take a Deep Breath ] Sufferers can generally receive successful treatment before they start to avoid places or situations where panic attacks have occurred. Unchecked, panic disorder can be disabling and evolve into agoraphobia the sufferer prefers to remain housebound or only goes out on a limited basis with a small circle of trusted people. Early treatment can often prevent panic disorder from developing into agoraphobia, but it can sometimes be a tough condition to diagnose. However, once a diagnosis is in place, it is one of the most treatable of all of the anxiety disorders. As with most mental health issues, panic disorder is treated by psychotherapy, medication or a combination, depending on the severity and the response of the individual. Cognitive behavior therapy, a type of psychotherapy that teaches a person different ways of reacting to situations, has been an especially effective treatment for panic disorder.
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Panic Disorder: Causes & Treatment for Panic Attacks | LiveScience

The prosecution says he killed her intentionally after an argument. Psychiatrist Dr. Merryll Vorster said events during Pistorius’ life, including the amputation of his lower legs as a baby and his late mother’s habit of sleeping with a gun under her pillow, contributed to his “increasing stress.” “Overall, Mr. Pistorius appears to be a mistrustful and guarded person,” Vorster testified. She said the Olympic athlete displayed “escalating levels of anxiety” through his life when she interviewed him this month. Vorster said she also spoke to members of Pistorius’ family, some of his friends and his agent.
Read More: Oscar Pistorius has anxiety disorder, defense psychiatrist says during murder trial – CBS News


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