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She said that the star sprinter displayed “escalating levels of anxiety” as he got older. The psychiatrist said under cross examination that Pistorius knew right from wrong, but his generalized anxiety disorder could have influenced his actions the night he shot Steenkamp because of his constant state of fear. Vorster testified that Pistorius’ physical vulnerability also meant that his first impulse when it comes to a fight or flight situation would almost always be to fight since it was physically difficult for him to flee. Pistorius was on his stumps when he shot Steenkamp. The prosecutor asked Vorster if a person who is suffering from a general anxiety disorder would be a danger to society if he had access to a gun, and Vorster replied, “Yes.” Vorster described Pistorius as a person acutely affected by losses during his life. Despite the surgeries to amputate his legs, Pistorius was brought up to believe he was normal, giving him little opportunity to find peace with his situation, Vorster said. Concealing his disability made him less able to access the emotional support he needed, Vorster said.
For the original version, visit http://abcnews.go.com/International/oscar-pistorius-shrink-leg-amputations-gave-mental-disorder/story?id=23677670

14, 2013. The prosecution says he killed her intentionally after an argument. Psychiatrist Dr. Merryll Vorster said events during Pistorius’ life, including the amputation of his lower legs as a baby and his late mother’s habit of sleeping with a gun under her pillow, contributed to his “increasing stress.” “Overall, Mr. Pistorius appears to be a mistrustful and guarded person,” Vorster testified. She said the Olympic athlete displayed “escalating levels of anxiety” through his life when she interviewed him this month.
For the original version, visit http://www.cbsnews.com/news/oscar-pistorius-anxiety-disorder-defense-psychiatrist-murder-trial/

An episode of SVT can last 5 seconds or until your doctor does something to stop it, Day said, so length of time doesnt really distinguish between the two. One difference with afib though, is that the irregular heartbeat symptoms start and stop suddenly. With a panic attack, your heart rate slowly returns to normal. Another difference is that your heartbeat in atrial fibrillation is totally erratic. You could have two or three beats super fast, and two or three slower, and two or three fast your heart rate is bouncing all around, Day said. With a panic attack, your heart is going fast, but its totally regular. Stephen Sobel, MD , a San Diego psychiatrist who treats anxiety disorders and is the author of Successful Psychopharmacology: Evidence-Based Treatment Solutions for Achieving Remission said that people having a panic attack feel panic. They have a sense that the world doesnt seem real, or a fear that theyre going crazy. Generally, people with a heart arrhythmia dont have this emotional component, he said. RELATED: How to Navigate the Heart-Mind Connection Medical History Provides Clues Your medical history may offer hints as to whether you’re experiencing a panic attack or afib.
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