Getting More Than Panic Assaults

Panic attack signs come in so many different shapes and sizes that people often mistake them for other illnesses. The thing with panic attacks is that they are actually a behavioral condition that manifests physical symptoms. When these symptoms appear they are often scary and confusing to the people who are suffering from them.

A panic attack is like a false alarm from our brain to our body. When we are in true danger our body’s fight-or-flight mechanism kicks into action to get us out of harm’s way. When we have a panic attack we experience that same rush of fear & terror and all the physiological sensations that can go along with it, like a racing heart, sweating, tightening of the throat, and lightheadedness. The difference in a panic attack is that there is no immediate threat present.

Do not face down or glare at the dog head-on. Keep your movements slow and steady. Do not wave your hands about, all this is misconstrued as violent signs by the dog, who will turn more violent.

Controlling these types of reactions is the focus. There are tools you to address some of the physical and emotional reactions that are cropping up at inconvenient times. But first, a little here about some of the disorders, phobias and conditions that can lead to such overwhelming anxiety and disruption of your life.

MacKay believes that the studies had limitations. Most doctors are rushed. They ask about certain symptoms but do not go through the entire roster of symptoms. Mackay advises that women should reveal all symptoms to their doctor, not just the ones that were asked. This revelation will not only make panic attack symptoms for a better diagnosis. It will speed up the treatment especially since there is a window opportunity for successful treatment. Women are more likely to die (16 percent more at risk) from a heart attack than men.

Get somewhere that the air is cooler. Hot air can make you feel smothered and trapped. If possible, get outside and go for a walk with someone you feel safe with. Just be sure to walk slowly, a fast pace will speed up your breathing and could increase the panic.

Studies have shown that 50% of the children suffering from panic attacks have a relative who has suffered from panic attacks. Causes also include their biological make-up. Certain chemicals in their bodies have a negative reaction with their nervous system, causing the brain to react with anxiety attacks. Endocrine disorders, neurological disease, infection, lung disease may also lead to panic attacks.

When you have a lot of tension in you shoulders and your neck you can suffer from pinched nerves and constricted arteries in the neck. Pinched nerves are generally painful and can affect your hands. When your arteries constrict this stops blood flow to your brain. When a person decreases blood flow to their brain, they are likely to experience headaches or migraines.

Be careful about mixing herbs with prescription medications when cope with panic attacks. Kava itself is not dangerous, but when mixed with prescription medications they can contribute to you being drowsy and groggy. It is not really recommended that you take this herb with other prescription medications. You should however use it to supplement any cognitive therapies that you may be applying for coping with panic attacks.


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